CommonEn is a non-profit energy community founded in May 2021 in Ioannina, Greece.

Its purpose is the production and management of clean and affordable energy to achieve the following goals:

  • To promote energy democracy and the social and solidarity economy in the energy sector.

  • To contribute to de-escalating the continuously increasing energy production and use of raw materials while simultaneously upgrading social and environmental well-being.

  • To tackle energy poverty.

  • To make sustainable use of local energy resources to meet the needs of the societies of Epirus.

CommonEn provides benefits to its members, which are mainly households and local businesses.


  • Production of clean energy for self-consumption

  • Energy saving, energy storage and demand-side management

  • Sustainable mobility

  • Consulting

  • Awareness raising, education, training

  • Knowledge transfer, creation of synergies, and networking with agencies, local authorities, and energy communities in Greece and abroad

  • Research

A video about the transformative potential of energy communities.  CommoneEn is included and presented.


In operation


Power: 99.83 KW / Ground / Technology: Photovoltaic station

Location: Location 1278, Koutselio, Ioannina

Project type: Collective self-consumption through virtual energy netting


Power: 99.90 KW / On building / Technology: Photovoltaic station

Location: “Klaria”, Bafra, Ioannina

Project type: Collective self-consumption through virtual energy netting

Under design

Renovation of a traditional watermill in Tzoumerka and modification for electricity production

More info coming soon…

Energy saving services

More info coming soon…

Data about the Energy Community

Members / Beneficiaries

53 / 181

Categories of beneficiaries

90% Households, 10% Local Businesses

Invested Funds

159.650 €

Installed power

199,73 KW

Energy Production

270.000 KWh / year

CO2 reduction

108 tons / year